About Us

The idea of the Nigerian Women Association in Colorado emanated from the Nigerian women’s rallying support for one of their own during the tragic death of her husband in 1988. Subsequently, Mrs. Ngozi Onyeali, aka Lady Dee, impressed upon the women the need to have a viable organization that would serve their needs and also afford them a platform to promote womanhood, family, and the Nigerian culture.

Lolo (Mrs.) Ijeoma Emereuwa, Model Obidiya President
Lolo (Mrs.) Oluchi Iheukwumere, Uhieoma II Vice President
Lady Chinyelu Nwankwo, Arunne Treasurer
Mrs. Rose Antai Financial Secretary
Mrs. Bridget Agwu General Secretary
Mrs. Ifunanya Onuoha Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Adaku Iche Publicity Secretary
Lolo Ngozi Udechukwu, Dibugo Nwanyi Provost
Mrs. Felicia Aniniba, Anwulika I Matron

NWA Committees

Children’s Committee

  • Secures and coordinates childcare for our children and arranges for activities to entertain the children during events
  • Identifies issues relating to the care and safety of the children in an event setting, and see that necessary provisions/resources are made for the committee to ensure the care and safety of all children in attendance (e.g. childcare services, food and entertainment, etc.)
  • Collaborates with Entertainment committee in areas of children’s involvement in event entertainment activities.


Bridget Agwu (Chair)

Melissa Reed (Co-Chair)

Ugochi Akotaobi

Glory Ozor

Marcelina Ike

Community Services Committee

  • Focuses on securing raffle/auction items for events, and works closely with the fundraising committee
  • Organizes membership drive during events and beyond
  • Provides opportunities for the association to participate in service activities, sharing our skills with the community while gaining valuable experiences and having fun.
  • Encourages and facilitates active participation by members in committee groups in the association and throughout the community
  • Strives to make significant and positive contributions to the community through a collective effort of service to local charitable organizations
  • Offers opportunities for NWA members to engage in various projects that are designed to serve our local community


Idara Ebong (Chair)

Wagidi Gloria (Co-Chair)


Ijeoma Ezeaku

Grace Ejiasa

Entertainment and Special Events Committee

  • Provides and ensures the highest level of entertainment for our event and is responsible for arranging for entertainment possibilities, including music/DJ services, cultural/intercultural showcase, fashion show extravaganza, group/youth/children’s performance, etc.)
  • Works closely with the planning Committee to ensure that interests of all age groups are considered when deciding on entertainment options
  • Makes sure that there are back-up plans (alternative entertainment, etc.) in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Works closely with the fundraising committee in the area(s) of handling entertainment-generated funds during events
  • Collaborates with Children’s committee in areas of children’s involvement in event entertainment activities


Ijeoma Emereuwa (Chair)

Ngozi Udechukwu (Co-Chair)


Ify Okocha

Hellen Olaka

Chika Ndu

Chairperson— NWA President

Responsible for:

  • Convening a committee, setting meetings and agendas
  • Supporting the committee to develop the goals and theme for the event
  • Appointing sub-committee chairs
  • Educating committee chairs on their roles, responsibilities and process
  • Creating an event plan
  • Working with the organization’s current budget, advising the Committee on available funds and process
  • Supporting the creation of a Funding Plan
  • Creating a comprehensive event time line incorporating committee time lines
  • Coordinating and supporting the flow of information/communication between committees
  • Setting facilities meeting, communicating the event overview and having committees define their needs regarding the event
  • Signing off on all funding plans in advance of any expenditure with the treasurer
  • Creating an environment for fun and success
  • Addressing challenges in a timely manner and communicate changes to committee chairs
  • Evaluating the Event Plan

Fundraising  and Events Committee

Is responsible for planning fund-generating activities for the event including:

  • Identifying guest of honors/chairpersons, keynote speakers
  • Order of events, auctions/raffle ideas and items
  • Solicitation of corporations and local business establishment for advertisements in our brochures/journals
  • Drafts special invitees’/guest of honors’ letter
  • Understands that the primary goal of the committee is to FUNDRAISE! for the event
  • Collaborates with Publicity/Brochure, Ticket, and Community committees to develops systems of promotion for fundraising activities including flyers, brochures, newsletters, and mass mailings


Nkechi Agbim (Chair)

Afoma Nwagwu (Co- Chair)

Victoria Anunobi

Lily Akotaobi

Chinyelu Nwankwo

Augusta Stanley Osuala

Hall Committee

Is responsible for;

  • Securing reasonable and safe venues for NWA event, with each meeting specific event expectations
  • Oversees the set-up and decoration of the hall to reflect the theme of the event at hand
  • Arranges the sitting of guests and maintains orderliness during events
  • Works on ways to creating a cordial and peaceful ambiance for our guests and all members in general


Cynthia Nwairo (Chair)

Pauline Osuala (Co-Chair)

Bernie Ezidinma

Winnie Okuchaba

Ngozi Chukwuka

Publicity and Brochure Committee

Is responsible for publicizing our events to our community and beyond

  • Coordinates the circulating of our fliers and other notices
  • Contacts/Secures businesses, individuals, and other groups to advertise in our brochure
  • Creates devices to inform the association, other associations and the surrounding community about upcoming NWA activities and events.
  • Issues press releases and contacts the media outlets (if possible) for publicity and media coverage
  • Collaborates with Fundraising, Ticket, and Community committees to develops systems of promotion for fundraising activities including flyers, brochures, newsletters, and mass mailings.


Nkeiruka Ohaya (Chair)

Blessing Ekeanyanwu (Co-Chair)

Idam Vera

Adaku Iche

Oluchi Iheukwumere

Tickets Committee

Is responsible for;

  • Designing, distribution, and selling of event admission tickets, raffle and auction tickets
  • Assigns committee members responsible for selling and collection of tickets and ticket proceeds before, during, and after events
  • Accounts for all ticket sales prior to submitting to the financial secretary
  • Collaborates with Fundraising, Publicity/Brochure, and Community committees to develops systems of promotion for fundraising activities including flyers, brochures, newsletters, and mass mailings


Rose Antai (Chair)

Ifunanya Onuoha (Co-Chair)

Theresa Duru

Ngozi Onyeali (Lady Dee)

Ugo Okorie

Edith Ogbonna

Flora Abajue

Alice Etuk

Our Members

Abajue Flora
Agbim Nkechi
Agwu Bridget
Akotaobi  Lily
Akotaobi Ugochi
Aniniba  Felicia
Anunobi Victoria
Antai Rose
Chukwuka Ngozi
Ozor Glory
Duru Theresa
Ebong Idara
Ejiasa Grace
Ekeanyanwu Blessing
Emereuwa ljeoma
Ezeaku Patricia
Ezidinma Bernie
Iche Adaku
Ike Marceline
Idam Vera
Okolie Ifeoma
Nwagwu Afoma
Nwairo Cynthia
Nwankwo Chinyelu
Ogbonna Edith
Etuk Alice
Ohaya Nkiruka
Iheukwumere Oluchi
Okocha Ifeoma
Okorie Devine
Okuchaba Willie
Olaka Hellen
Onuoha Ify
Onyeali Ngozi
Ndu Chika
Osuala Paulina
Udechukwu Ngozi
Osuala-Stanley Augusta
Reed Melissa
Wagidi Gloria


P O Box 472014 Aurora, CO 80047